Fun with paints

There’s nothing that our kids love more than art time.   

It’s kinda funny because we, their parents, are not particularly artsy craftsy in a big manner, but ah well…  🙂

Anyway. I’ve realised that if I am able to provide them a designated corner to beaver away at art (read: license to create a mess within a limited area), they can stay quietly occupied for a good half hour; which frees up time for me to sit down with a cup of tea and the newspapers, or get some quick chores out of the way.  🙂

Today after dinner, they requested to paint a giraffe and horse (DD) and a tiger and alligator (DS).  I let DD do her own thing while I worked with DS on his since he is currently learning to recognise colours.

It’s honestly interesting for me to observe the kids’ incremental development in painting skills.   Especially when I leave them well alone to figure it out themselves.

How when they first start, the results of a painting session are usually one big grey or brown mass on the artblock sheet because all the colours on the palette have just gotten mish-mashed together…

And then how that progresses to dabs and dobs as they experiment different brush strokes or techniques.

And subsequently reach the stage when they can paint within the lines and keep the different colours fairly discrete from each other. 

I don’t know that I had the time to explore in this manner during my own childhood, but I sure am glad that they do.  🙂


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