Kids Say: Just can’t weight…

Me:  Sweetheart, it’s dinnertime in five minutes so please get ready to pack up the toys.
DD:  Mummy…I’m not hungry.
Me:  You’re not? Why?  Are you still full from snack time?
DD:  I can’t take the weight.
Me:  The weight of what, dear?
DD:  The weight of the food.
Me:  Uh huuuuh…

Me:  By the way, do you know what’s for dinner?
DD:  What?
Me:  Po Po and mummy made spaghetti.
DD:  Is it with the red sauce?
Me:  Yes.
DD:  Okay, I’m ready! Let’s go for dinner!
Me:  Erm, what about the weight of the food? You can take it now?
DD:  Yes.    Mumm-yy, hurry up!

*blink*   *blink*   *blink*


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