Visiting the Asian Civilisations Museum

So, armed with our coupon, we visited the Asian Civilisations Museum on Saturday.

Apart from attending a friend’s wedding there last year, I have never actually been inside its galleries, so this was a first time for all four of us.

How did it turn out?

I liked the special exhibition on the Age of the Mughals. The jewels were so beautiful and intricate, and I enjoyed reading the commentaries that accompanied each exhibit (whenever and wherever the kids allowed us to stop long enough!)

DD and DS were each given an activity booklet to complete as they went through the Mughal exhibition, and they had quite a bit of fun at the stamping stations decorating their Emperor and Empress.

There is also a station set up for children, with lots of colour pencils provided along with two wind-up sharpeners on a low table, surrounded by throw cushions for parents and children to sit and colour.

Both kids were really quite unwilling to leave the table for a lunch break!  🙂

I however, did not quite like the galleries we had to first pass through in order to get to the special exhibition area. One has to go through a fair amount of galleries, a number of which house collections of ritual objects associated with Asia’s Hindu-Buddhist kingdoms. There are also rather dark and imposing displays depicting ancestral worship, and many other large stone statues and reliefs, both ancient and contemporary from Buddhist and Taoist culture, complete with sound effects.

I hope readers will appreciate when I say, in all honesty and sincerely no desire to stir up inflammatory exchanges, that as an adult, I have nothing against the exhibits; but as a mother to two very young children, I find some of these really quite frightening.  😦  Both of them clung to us like koalas as we cut a quick path through the more overwhelming exhibits.

Maybe it is just lack of pre-research on my part and unfamiliarity with the map and layout (Entirely my fault…should have surfed the site and checked out our route map instead of going to bed at ten…whatever was I thinking…) , but I will certainly stop by and ask the staff at admissions the next time if I could just skip right through to the more child-friendly exhibits.  😛


Regular admission prices to ACM cost $8 per pax. Children aged 6 and below enter for free.  Students and senior citizens receive a concession rate of half price.

But Singapore celebrates International Museum Day 2010 next weekend where participating museums are offering free admission to all and special programmes for children,  on 22 and 23 May. Click on this link for more details.


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