Alphabet Wall Craft: Making…t is for thumbprint

In Sunday School, the children have been learning that God made us – our eyes, ears, feet and hands.

And that each of these body parts can be used not just for ourselves but also to glorify God.

I’m thinking we could also take the opportunity to talk about how (and ask why do you think  😉  ) God made our hands to have one thumb and four fingers? How does each individual part play a role in helping us use our hands effectively? 🙂

For this craft, you will need: marker, artblock sheet, poster paint, palette, paintbrush.

1. Draw a small block letter t on the artblock sheet.

2. Mix a few colours of paint into your palette.  DS sat himself down at the table when he saw me getting the paints ready, picked up a paintbrush, and said “Mummy! I want to do art and craft!”.  So loved that moment!

3. Paint onto your child’s thumb and print within the shape of the letter t.

(Alternative: if you have inkpads in different colours, you could also use that. Less messy compared to paints. I think… 😉 )

Many Bible stories can be leveraged to show examples of how people used their hands, eyes, ears and feet to do something for God.

A good idea that TwoCultureMom used for class, was the story on the rebuilding of the city wall in Nehemiah .

Take some time to leaf through the Bible for your own story ideas!  🙂

Psalm 139:14 “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made…”

Two little eyes to look to God
Two little ears to hear His word
Two little feet to walk in His way
Hands to serve Him all my days.


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