Alphabet Wall: Making…r is for rainbow

On Friday at breakfast, I was wearing a t-shirt that had a picture of Noah’s Ark on it.
(Yeah, I’m a thrifty mommy that wears old church camp t-shirts at home…I don’t care what kind of fashion statement that makes about me, so there!)

Midway through munching on her Cheerios, DD turned to me and pointed out that the rainbow colours are in the wrong order. “Mommy, green should be after yellow”, she said.

Hm. Rightly so.  🙂
The other day, I also found her trying to mix red and yellow to get orange, using markers, which doesn’t produce as good an effect. So I thought for alphabet wall craft this week, we’d paint a rainbow and explore colour mixing as part of the process.  🙂

You will need the following materials: three paintbrushes, red, yellow and blue paint, artblock sheet, marker.

1. With the marker, draw a block small letter r on the artblock sheet.

2. Get ready your paints. This is how you should lay it out.

3. Using the first brush, paint a stroke of red paint across the top.
4. Next, pick up the second brush, paint a stroke of yellow paint, leaving a gap between the red and yellow.
5. Third, pick up the third brush and paint a stroke of blue paint, again, leaving a gap between the blue and yellow.

6. Now, pick up the first brush, mix the red and yellow in a separate section of your palette to get orange, and paint the gap between the red and yellow.
7. Fourthly, pick up the second brush, mix the yellow and blue to get green, and paint the gap between the yellow and blue.
8. Following that, pick up the third brush, mix the blue with red, and paint indigo below the blue line.
9. Lastly, mix a little more red in to get violet and paint below the indigo line.

Write the letters       w in multiple marker colours, of course! 😉

(Yes…for you observant readers, I did unfortunately mix up indigo and violet.  I kicked myself after finding this out, because I should have stuck to my original thought logic which had the colour mixing order right. But then I tried to be extra clever, googled the RGB definitions and then ended up reversing the order by mistake!  Gah. I can’t stand it…

DD is none the wiser at the moment, but I am, after double checking, and so at some point I am going to need to correct it…)

Anyway…Ta dah! A wonderful way to learn mixing colours and to paint a rainbow without having to make multiple trips to wash paintbrushes in the sink. 😉

Related Bible story: Noah and the great flood (Genesis 6:5 – 9:17)

Note to parents:
I guess for a three- year old to be required to retain such a degree of control with the paintbrush strokes on this activity probably translates to a lot of pent-up energy in the process!  

Although she enjoyed it, DD wanted to really paint freestyle after finishing the rainbow. So, if your mommy mess-o-meter can take it, below is an alternative activity you could consider, that will allow a little more freedom of expression. 🙂

Rainbow handprints


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