The white stats

5 months ago I wrote about DS’s troublesome milk feeds.
3 times a day; breakfast, mid afternoon and after-dinner, we brace ourselves for this obstacle event that inspires little enthusiasm on either side of the high chair.

2 months ago, I decided I would die on this hill only twice a day.
In the morning…I will semi-die.  😛

I started cooking 5 oz of milk with 2 heaped tablespoons of oatmeal for his breakfast. 4 oz gets poured in at the start, 1 oz gets mixed in as the oatmeal thickens when it cools.

I don’t know how long he will be happy to have this disguised milk oatmeal for breakfast 7 days a week, 30 days a month, 365 days a year, before he starts protesting.
But I’ll make the most of it for as long as this happy situation lasts!

I just need it to last another 4 months till he’s 2, and then I’ve stated to DH that I don’t care afterward if he drinks milk or not.
Wow…thinking about it, if we reach that target, that would mean 13 months of feeding him milk by the spoon!!

It’s quite an unusual conversation starter, when we are in public and start preparing his milk feed. Curious onlookers sometimes ask if he’s having a second lunch or dinner!
To which we reply, no it’s milk, and then we carry on to have an animated conversation replete with the numbers and statistics of his milk feed record.

So coming back to that magic age of 2 years old, yeah…I think, I think, I could live with him not drinking milk after that.
Or actually…
Aaah, I don’t know for sure.

Maybe, just maybe…he’ll start liking milk? And we’ll start a different kind of numbers record keeping? One could hope…  😛


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