Ask the engineer…

So the kids and I were all snuggled up in DD’s bed the other night, reading the story of David and Goliath from our Pray and Play Bible. I’d just finished reading that the stone hit Goliath square in the head and he fell to the ground, when DD asked “Mummy, why is the stone on the ground?”
[see the orange stone beside the giant, Goliath’s head in the picture below]

I replied, “Because it had hit Goliath on the head. When Goliath fell, the stone also fell down”.
Not appearing to be satisfied, she asked “But why did it fall down?”

At that point, DH walked into the room. And this was his response.

“Well dear, that’s because the stone has kinetic energy.
Can you say ‘ki-ne-tic  e-ner-gy’?
Kinetic energy is movement energy. That means it’s an energy that a moving object has. When a moving object hits another object, this energy is transferred to the object that it hits. So it no longer goes forward but falls.”

He also proceeded to demonstrate by tossing a pillow at himself.

“See this pillow? Look at what happens when I throw it at myself. The pillow had kinetic energy but when it hit me, it lost its kinetic energy and so it falls!”

Lucky me, for my engineer hubby!  Between the both of us, hopefully we’ll be able to cover most of the complicated questions of life that we might get asked over our parenthood lifetime…I think!  😛


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