Thursday thanksgivings

Thank you to everyone who has sent us kind messages asking about our absence from Sunday School and church last week.

We’ve had an incredibly long week battling the flu, with DH falling sick, and then DD and me.
It is the reason why I’ve been posting rather sporadically on the blog, and mostly about craft activities because that is one thing that can still go on as planned – rain or shine, sick or well! 😉

This has been the worst bout we’ve faced yet, with a mouth ulcer, fever, phlegmy cough and runny nose and all their accompanying discomforts lasting 7 days for DD.

Today is the eighth day. Her fever is gone, and her nose and throat are slowly but incrementally on the mend.  And we’ve all been so glad to have had two wonderful nights of uninterrupted sleep after a week’s worth of multiple night wakings, so many we lost count!

We really have to thank God that throughout this period, He has protected DS from getting the bug from all three of us. It is nothing short of a miracle because I can’t think of any possible foolproof way we could have isolated him from ALL three of us over a whole week to prevent him catching the bug.
I am also thankful that God answered our prayers to not let the fever run till ten days, whereupon we would have had to bring her in for x-rays and blood tests, after completing two rounds of medication.   !!$$$!!

I don’t know about tomorrow, but God-willing, if we’re all well by the weekend, I know four people who are itching to get out of the house and be out and about!

Somewhere. Anywhere.  😀


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2 responses to “Thursday thanksgivings”

  1. brandy0408 says :

    Hope everything will be fine. I’ll be praying for you guys.

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