Recycled material craft: Making a paper tiger

What do you do with some leftover orange coloured paper from another craft activity, a toilet roll, and some ice cream sticks?

How about making a paper tiger?  😀

You will need the following materials:
Two ice cream sticks, scissors, a sheet of orange coloured paper, glue, cellophane tape, a toilet roll, black marker.

1. Cut each ice cream stick into half. (Tip: Mark an indentation with a single scissor blade first, and then cut with a single snip action to prevent fraying). You should now have four pieces.
2. Cover the toilet roll with orange coloured paper and seal down with glue or tape. This makes the body of the tiger.

3. Hand the roll with a black marker to your child and let them draw the tiger’s stripes.

4. While your child is busy drawing stripes, draw a tiger’s face, back and tail on the remainder of your orange paper. Cut these out and set aside.

5. Once he or she is finished, use the sharp point of the scissor blades to pierce four slits on the roll.
6. Push an ice cream stick half into each of the slits. These make the legs of the tiger.

7. Apply some glue on each end of the roll. Paste the tiger’s face on one end.

8. And the back and tail on the other.


Front view


Back view


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