Recycled material craft: Cardboard horses

I found this little gem of a tutorial for cardboard horses by Ann Wood.  Check out the links, they are beautiful!

While I can’t imagine dedicating myself to a 100 day project of a horse stampede (tempting though the idea is), I did think this was a fantastic idea of preserving some of DD’s artwork, as a massive collection of finished art and craft is now plotting a siege of the children’s bedroom wall, and I have another stack spilling out of the top drawer of the children’s armoire!

I’ve made a mare for me, and two colts for DD and DS. DH’s stallion is work in progress.   😉

They are now blu-tacked up onto another wall of the room and the children have been clamouring around us asking “Please please, may I have it?”.

I covered the mare pattern in a spatter painting piece that was a leftover from our alphabet wall craft n for nest.
DD’s colt is similarly covered in a sponge-painting she did in a free trial art class about three months ago where they learnt about mixing primary colours.
DS has loved fish and sea creatures since he was a baby, and so I covered his colt template with cutouts from an underwater seascape.

All three horses are pasted onto the cardboard backing of an empty artblock book where the sheets have all been used up. 🙂 


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