Snippety snip: Preschool scissor skills

DD has been asking for a pair of scissors since about half a year back.  I held back on purchasing a pair for her, because the idea of her handling a pair of scissors at 2 1/2 years old is to me, a really scary one.

As a concession however, every time we need to do some paper cutting for our alphabet craft activities, I let her hold my hand and apply pressure to bring the blades of my scissors down onto the sheets of paper. This lets me still maintain control over the actual cutting, although counter-balancing the pressure she exerts on my hand is in itself  is a reasonable effort. 😛

Anyway.  Earlier this week, while in a bookstore at lunchtime, I spotted some safety scissors with plastic blades at the stationery section. At $1.60 a pair, they looked reasonably sturdy and after testing out a few cuts on a piece of cardboard they provided at the pen testing section, I figured…Ah, why not?  🙂

So here’s what we got round  to doing tonight with some coloured sheets of paper and a few basic shapes drawn with a marker. I know the experts say you should start off with straight lines, then diagonal lines, then zig zags, then curved lines, etc…but then me and DD, we’ve  never been worksheet kind of people! 😉

To start off, I drew some squares, rectangles and triangles, which she happily began to cut on her own. Then I decided to up the ante with circles and see how that would turn out.  Having cut all that out, DD asked for an oval, a hexagon and an octagon.  

After we were done, we pasted all the cut shapes onto a black piece of cardboard. I liked it so much I just had to take a picture and post it!  

Parent notes: Before  embarking on a structured cutting activity, it is useful to let the child spend some time just cutting up scrap paper randomly to experiment and get used to holding the scissors the right way.  DD did this the first evening I brought the scissors home.


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