Alphabet Wall: Making…o is for ocean

As both DD and DS have been lately very interested in the story of Jonah, I wanted to do o for ocean but couldn’t come up with a creative method of representing the letter o amidst an underwater seascape. Till I found this great idea from!  😀

I have adapted the instructions from the website, to our own experience, with pictures of the steps we took.

We used the following supplies: 2 white paper plates, coloured sheets of paper, an old clear plastic folder, scissors, markers, PVA glue, cellophane tape, sewing thread, stapler.

Work on the Top Plate (with a viewing window):
1. Cut a Viewing Window: Turn one paper plate upside down. Cut the inner circle of the plate out (the part of plate that you would normally put food on). This plate will become the viewing window.

2. Cover the Viewing Area With Plastic: Cut a circle of clear plastic slightly larger than the hole in the front plate (the plastic should be about 1/4 inch larger than the hole). Tape the plastic to the inside of the plate.

Work on the Lower Plate (which contains the ocean diorama):
1. Make a Blue Background: You can either color the background blue or cut out a circle of blue construction paper and glue it in place. If you opt to use paper, use the circle you cut out as a template to cut out a blue construction-paper circle for the background of your diorama.

2. Draw and Make Construction-Paper Plants and Animals for the Diorama. We cut out a brown ocean floor, some green seaweed, a couple of starfish, a hermit crab, an octopus and a whale. I also added a couple of fish stickers for some variety.

We cut the whale and the octopus out of the circle from the top white paper plate. DD decided to put some colour on them! 🙂

3. Glue the blue circle to the plate. Next, glue the ocean floor. 

4. Add the seaweed and the sea creatures. For a 3D effect, you can glue some of them to the background…

…and hang some others from thread. Tape one end of thread to the back of the item, and tape the other to the rim of the top plate.

I also threw in four pieces of shell pasta, two of which we glued to the ocean floor, and two which we just tossed in before sealing up the diorama.

5. Tape or staple the two paper plates together.

And you’re done!

Ideas for related Bible stories:

  1. Jonah and the big fish. Moral theme: First time obedience.
  2. God made the ocean and the creatures in it. Alphabet lesson: o is for ocean, o is for octopus.
  3. Sunday School song:

Wide, wide as the ocean
High as the heavens above
Deep, deep as the deepest sea
Is my Saviour’s love
I though so unworthy
Still am a child of His care
For His word teaches me
That His love reaches me

Notes to the parent:
Tip #1: Try not to hang too many items. The threads could get entangled, or the hanging creatures may get stuck in one corner, after some vigorous shaking of the diorama by an energetic preschooler.

Tip #2: After we did this, I think I could possibly leverage this idea to make a shaker. Fill it with varied colourful small items which would be visible through the clear plastic, and make a really cool shaker for musical accompaniment!  Worth a try? 😉

Tip #3: Because I have young kids, I kiasu-edly glued, and stapled and put cellophane tape over the staples for safety reasons. This however made it really tiresome when the hanging items got stuck, and I had to undo cellophane tape AND glue to stick my finger in the side to adjust it!  Arrgh, on hindsight I would have skipped the glue and just stapled and cellophane taped over it.


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