“Relax, things can only get worse.”

It is 3. unearthly. am.
We are both wide awake no thanks to being awakened twice by DD and once by DS who was awakened by his sister.

I honestly wonder, when a parent starts to enjoy proper uninterrupted sleep.

In the first few months of a baby’s life, you endure multiple wakings for feeds and diaper changes and all sorts of other things, and accept that it is part and parcel of baby care.

Then when they start sleeping through the night, you breathe a sigh of relief and harbour hope of some respite and return to normal life, and watching your favourite House M.D. and CSI dvds uninterrupted.

Only to be swiftly awakened to reality when the teething process starts. And continues through 20 teeth. 20!!

Let’s not forget to scatter in, random but still significantly impactful events like…
…irritation due to random insect bites procured during evenings in the playground.
…upset tummies.
…fevers and flus.

really, the list is quite endless.

Add completed daytime potty training into the picture, and you have more night wakings from the child who now is so conscious of needing to go to the toilet. You can’t really quite tell her nevermind it’s okay to pee into a night diaper, because that would be counterproductive, right?  😛


A friend of mine has this catchphrase which he often replies to people complaining about the situations they’re in.

“Relax, things can only get worse.”


Yeah, I suppose so.

Put it all into perspective, at least now, I know what is keeping me up at nights. And what I can do about it.
Because it can really only get worse in the later years when I won’t know what exactly is keeping me up at nights and can’t do anything about it – like, in their teenage years, or when they leave home for university.

Relax. Relax.

And try and get some sleep before the alarm starts ringing at 7:00am.


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