My mother’s agar-agar recipe

I have all these scraps of paper on which I’ve scribbled recipes, randomly tossed in the kitchen drawer where I also store my baking tools, and it is beginning to look a right mess.

Okay, fine…actually it looked a right mess some time ago, and I really have to credit my mum-in-law for putting up with it.
And now I’ve misplaced the scrap of paper where I penned down my mom’s verbal instructions on the agar-agar! Grr!  😦

I need to get meself a notebook, and a good stretch of time to go write all those recipes down properly. But for now…I’ll go with posting it on the blog (procrastinate procrastinate…), at least I can’t think how I’d be able to misplace that! 😉


1.2 liters water
3 pandan leaves
1 pack agar-agar strips
220 ml milk
1/2 cup rock sugar

Red food colouring
30 ml milk
1 tsp cocoa powder

1. Soak the agar-agar for approximately 10 minutes.

2. Bring water to boil in a pot. Twist the pandan leaves into a knot and place in together with the agar-agar strips. Stir till agar-agar has dissolved.

3. Pour in rock sugar and keep stirring till sugar has dissolved.

4. Turn off the fire and slowly stir in the milk.

5. Divide the mixture into two portions.

6. In one portion, add red food colouring to your desired shade of pink.

7. In the second, stir the cocoa powder into the 30 ml of milk and mix before pouring in to the agar-agar mix.

8. Pour into prepared jelly molds, and refrigerate.


This makes a very light agar-agar with low sugar taste. For a sweeter or more intense flavour, you can either

  • increase the rock sugar and cocoa powder amounts to your desired taste, OR
  • use different types of milk, e.g. fresh milk vs. powdered milk vs. evaporated milk vs. coconut milk.

Click here for the picture of the agar-agar. 🙂


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