Alphabet Wall: Making…m is for Moses and miracle

Pronunciation: \’mir-i-kəl\
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Late Latin miraculum, from Latin, a wonder, marvel, from mirari to wonder at
Date: 12th century
1 : an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs


When I think about Moses, the word “miracle” jumps to mind. From start to end, his dramatic story speaks of God’s divine protection, grace and mercy over a Hebrew mother that ultimately leads to the deliverance of an entire nation.

And it is such a long story! I didn’t quite know where to start!
There is so much ground to cover and so many ideas were coming out of our brainstorming session on Wednesday night that I think this Alphabet Wall craft is only the tip of the iceberg. 🙂

Anyway.  🙂
We decided to theme our Alphabet Wall craft around the crossing of the Red Sea.
So you will need the following materials: – Marker pen, artblock sheets, blue and white poster paints, paintbrushes and palette, colour pencils, glue, scissors.

1. On an artblock sheet, draw out a picture of a Moses. You could also draw out sea foam, or a bunch of people, any other things that you would like to fill your “parting of the Red Sea” scene with. Set aside.

2. Get ready your blue and white paints. Mix the blue paint with water as you will need a fair amount to paint the sea. Do NOT mix the white paint with any water.

3. On a second artblock sheet, freehand paint two walls of water arching outwards from the middle with a little space in between the walls. Cover with blue paint.

4. Once it’s fairly dry, dip another paintbrush in your white paint, and guide your child to trace little “m”s with the brush on the blue painted surface. Talk about how m is for Moses and m is for miracle.

5. As your painting is drying, hand the colour pencils to your child to colour the picture of Moses.
6. Cut out the completed picture of Moses and any other picture props and paste Moses in the centre of the parted sea.

On a sudden brainwave, I filled a shallow dish with water, and invited DD to attempt parting the water with the strength of her breath in the dish, to explain the meaning of the word “miracle”. No matter how hard each of us blew on the water, it did not part.

I then pointed out to her that the parting of the Red Sea was something only God could have done, not Moses or any one else.  On her own, she mimed with her fingers, walking across the sea and talked about how this was how the Israelites got across.

It was a good opportunity to point out that although we could not create a path even halfway across that would have enabled us to walk our fingers through the water without getting wet, Moses and the Israelites were able to walk without getting wet, across the whole stretch of sea because God miraculously created a dry path that lasted long enough for the entire Israelite nation to get across.

Think about how majestic and awesome that must have appeared!

Definitely and infinitely much more than could ever be represented through our imagination, on paper. 😀


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