Turning three – Part I

So our friend, H remarked to me last Sunday that it’s been a quiet March. No recipe experiments like last August’s for DS’s birthday?
Not this time I guess. We’d already found a recipe with the opportunity to let DD make and decorate her own birthday cake!   After all, why stop at pretend cooking, when you can make a real cake for your guests to eat? 😉

While DH occupied the two kids in the garden outside last Friday evening, I set out the cake-making tools and measured out the ingredients that we needed.
Then I got DD to join me at the kitchen table and count out 16 Digestive biscuits into a Ziploc bag to be crushed into crumbs with a rolling pin.
After demonstrating how to crush the biscuits, DS decided he wanted in on the action too!  

We stirred and we whirred.  We poured the mix into the springform pan and popped it into the refrigerator.
We licked the mixing bowl clean of cream.
And then we plopped off in bed, tired but happy.

Saturday morning saw a mini strawberry beauty contest on the kitchen countertop to pick the prettiest strawberries from two packs, painstakingly selected at the supermarket on Wednesday night when we snuck out for a quick grocery shopping trip after the kids were asleep.
Four heads bent over the springform pan on the countertop to arrange the strawberries on the cake.
Four heads leaned back in their chairs after lunch enjoying the remainder strawberries for dessert.  😛

An afternoon nap for everyone and an hour’s worth of water play in the inflatable pool later, and before we knew it, our first guests started arriving!

It was a simple, relaxed, family affair. There was much love and laughter shared over the dinner table, and animated conversation filled the living room.

Back in the kitchen, we put the finishing touches on our cake as I released the springform ring and DD stuck in our homemade “Happy Birthday” label and a number 3 candle.
I placed three skinny candles in the front, DH lighted the candles and carried the cake out to the living room, and DS clapped his hands in delight.

It was all good. 🙂

And in case you were wondering about the title, yes we have a little theme going, in that we’re  celebrating DD’s third birthday in three ways. Check back real soon this week to find out what Parts II and III are 😉

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