One of the birthday presents DD received this year, was a small Play-Doh kitchen set from DH’s cousin. It’s pretty cute – it has a stove top, oven, kitchen counter, complete with a set of kitchen utensils.

Yesterday afternoon, when we suggested she open the present from her grandparents, she put up a fuss because she wanted her Play-Doh kitchen set, and only the one, not any other. Not wanting to actually spoil the surprise for her, but already knowing what was in store because DH’s mum had told us what she’d bought, I tried as gently as I could to tell her that this was a really good time to listen and obey. To stay in the room and wait, and not chase after her father, who’d gone to get the box. 


Five minutes of waiting is like a lifetime when you’re interested in something else, and you don’t feel that anyone else understands just how important it is. That same five minutes to a three year old must have been an eternity!

The huge box was set in front of her. With both parents enthusiastically urging her to open it, and her being unconvinced and all, and still slightly miffed that we didn’t help get the Play-Doh one from her room, she slowly opened the wrapping paper.

So imagine her surprise when she found another kitchen set!  A bigger one, with more accessories, stove burners that lit up and had accompanying boiling and deep-frying sound effects, and an oven with lights, activated door-opening and -closing alarm buzzer and a ticking timer! 🙂

It made me think about how our Father in heaven sometimes has something so wonderful in store for us which we don’t know about, and we just have to wait a little while for it to make its appearance. But we’re too busy and too caught up in our limited mortal view to be convinced that He has got something bigger and better. And so we complain, grumble and fuss. If only we’d be patient, listen and obey.

It was a good reminder.


Offer right sacrifices and trust in the Lord ~ Psalm 4:5

By the way, she loves both kitchen sets. Both she and her brother can’t get enough of it. They’ve combined the two sets, which has resulted in a really superbly equipped kitchen. Better than any I’ve seen in the current designer magazines. 😉


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    Beautiful comments!

    Lindsey Petersen

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