Alphabet Wall: Making… l is for lion

Apologies for such a long overdue post for Alphabet Wall craft! Not that I’d forgotten but just have been thinking really hard about the lesson plan for the letter l

I guess for me, a personal goal and challenge that I’ve set for myself with alphabet lessons that can be linked to a Bible story is that I really want it to be a meaningful lesson, with ideas and concepts that can be easily understood by a preschool aged child.  L can be for Lord, lamb, life, love…but these are so complex!

How does one translate Lord into a visual concept that can be distinguished from King? Or take life and love – such abstract and multifaceted concepts. How would you explain the essence of “Jesus, the Lamb of God”, or “Jesus asking Peter to feed His lambs“?  Distilling these topics down to a simple and easily understood form for a fellow adult with no background knowledge of the Bible whatsoever, is in itself no mean feat.

So anyways, after tossing the idea about, I have decided on l is for lion. (And no, I am not going to attempt explaining Jesus is the Lion of Judah….Daniel and the lions’ den for now, is a lot easier!)  😉

You will need the following materials:- Yellow crepe paper, coloured paper, marker pens, scissors, glue.

1. On a sheet of yellow paper, draw lots of block lowercase l’s.

2. Hand the sheets and a marker to your child and let them trace the letters. For younger children, you may want to draw a dotted line to guide them on the letter tracing activity.

3. While she is busy tracing, take a sheet of brown paper, and draw a lion’s face,  a long oblong shape for its body and a skinny oblong for its tail.  I also added details like the bob on the tail and its nose and mouth in contrasting colours.

Cut them out and set aside. Cut out block lowercase l’s from your yellow crepe paper as well (I made these longer than the ones for letter tracing, you’ll see why in a bit).

4. Once your child is done,

cut out the traced letters.

5. You are now ready to assemble your lion.

6. On a contrasting sheet of coloured paper, paste the lion’s body in the centre of the sheet. (I happened to have a cardboard preprinted green grass background from a old activity book, but you can use any other coloured paper).

7. Guide your child to pick out and paste 4 lowercase l cutouts below the lion’s body, for its legs. (Don’t miss the opportunity to point out that l is also for leg!)

8. At the side of the oblong, paste the traced lowercase l cutouts in a fanned-out circular pattern. These will form the lion’s mane. Alternate traced letters with the crepe paper lowercase l‘s for an interesting layered texture.

9. Finally, paste your lion’s face on top of the circular shape. The mane should fan out from underneath, providing a nice pseudo 3D effect.  🙂

We all liked the finished product very much. 🙂  I also think this activity provides a nice balance of skills in crafting (layering), letter tracing (the letter l) and counting (legs). 

Our related Bible story: Daniel in the lion’s den. Theme of the story: God saves His people.

Check back soon for our next Alphabet Wall craft based on a different story but the same theme! 😀


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