Kids Say: Don’t speak!

Close interaction with relatives that we typically meet maybe once every quarter or so does, um,  result in some  rather interesting (and awkward) situations at times…  😛

The following conversation took place beside me yesterday whilst I was busy trying to pacify a hungry DS with rice from my plate.

Relative: So, tell me, are you going to school already?
DD: {Chewing a mouthful of food}
Relative: Where is your little brother?
Relative: So, do you help to look after your little brother?
DD: Don’t talk when you are eating!  (in all earnestness and innocence)
Me: !!!!     {In my mind, I squealed several silent EEK!’s. While trying to decide whether to say something to mitigate the situation or let the awkward moment pass as soon as possible.}

I…let the moment pass.


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