Chinese New Year – Cherry Blossom Branch Painting

I promised DD we would do some painting today as she’d been asking all week. Since it’s Chinese New Year, I’d planned for her to do a simple little art piece for each set of great-grandparents and grandparents.  🙂

You will need: Postcard sized artblock sheet, three cotton bud tips, carmine red, dark brown, and white paint, painting materials, thick textured paper.

1. Prepare red and brown paint on your palette. Add very little water as you want the paint mix to be thick.
2. Dip one cotton bud tip into the brown, and draw out a tree branch with many little offshoots and twigs.

3. Dip another cotton bud tip into the red, and dot red paint along the branches and twigs.

4. Mix white paint into the red to get pink, and dot pink paint randomly beside the red ones. I also painted the Chinese character for “Spring” on the bottom of the sheet. Hey, my first attempt at Chinese calligraphy with a cotton bud tip, man!

5. Paste your finished cherry blossom branch onto your textured paper.

DD is going to give them out tomorrow when we go visiting. I hope they like it!  🙂


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