10 Ways To Have Fun – You, me, and the family.

  1. Pick out a favourite book.  Read it together.
  2. Paint a picture. Share an artblock sheet. Marvel at what emerges from your collaboration.
  3. Tell a story. Act it out. Discuss the characters and the moral theme.
  4. Walk around the neighbourhood. Stop and pat a friendly dog.
  5. Make sandcastles in the park. Swing, slide and climb the playground frames.
  6. Pick red saga seeds and fallen ixoras off the flower beds.
  7. Fill the bathtub. Pour in some bubbles. And the bath toys. Climb in and splash away!
  8. Build a house. Build a tower. Build a city. Use all the wooden blocks and Megabloks and Duplo blocks you can find.
  9. Throw a ball around. Try keeping it in the air for as long as you can.
  10. Tinker around with some chords on the piano. Sing a song. Dance to it. Play some air guitar to accompany it. And imaginary drums too.

Live life. To its fullest. Together.  🙂 


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