Fun with Cardboard Craft IV: Making your own “box-car”

This has been in our cardboard craft ideas pipeline for some time, waiting patiently for the right size boxes to appear. They finally did, and since we needed to keep DD engaged in a quiet but interesting activity for the day so her brother could rest and recover, we decided to embark on it yesterday.

You will need: One large box (of a size that can accommodate your child in a seated position), a small box (whose length equals the width of the large box), one shoe box (that can fit lengthwise against the width of the large box) scissors or box cutter, glue, cellophane tape, plain wrapping paper, marker, pencil, empty water or milk bottle with screw-on cap, old newspapers.

1. Mentally divvy up one of the short sides of the large box into nine squares. In the top middle square, place the uncapped bottle in the centre and draw around the rim of the bottle with a pencil. Cut out the hole.
2. Line up the small box in front of the large one, and draw a circle on the side touching the large box, using the outline of the hole. Cut out the hole on the small box.
3. Place the bottle in the small box.  Push the rim through the holes cut out in both the small and large boxes. Both boxes should now be loosely attached to each other.

Screw the cap on in the large box.

4. Secure the boxes together with some tape. Cover the entire package in wrapping paper.

5. From a scrap piece of cardboard, cut out a circle for the steering wheel. Place the bottle cap on the centre of your circle and draw around it.  Cut this out.

6. Fit the steering wheel onto the rim of the bottle.  Screw the cap onto it. Ta dah, steering wheel that moves! (I would have liked to cover it with some wrapping paper, but I didn’t have any other apart from the yellow sheets available at home. Oh well, another time…)  🙂

7. Fill the shoe box with old newspapers, and place it into the large box to make a car seat.

8. We didn’t make a car door because DH didn’t want the car door to stay flapped outward after opening it once. So he made a convex cut on one of the sides, rounded off the edges and sealed it up with tape.

Now you’re ready to decorate the car! 😀

You will need: 4 plain white paper plates, scrap cardboard from the boxes, crayons, aluminium foil, scissors, coloured masking tape.

  • Wheels – With a black crayon, outline the circle on the inset of a paper plate. Holding the crayon at an angle, shade along the outer perimeter of the circle. This will give you a tyre mark effect.  Repeat for the other three paper plates.

  • Lights – Cut out four circles from your leftover cardboard. Colour two red for brake lights, two white for tail lights and wrap two in aluminium foil for head lights.
  • Number plates – Cut out two long rectangles for number plates. Ask your child to call out a few numbers and letters that she likes and write these down. If your child is old enough to write, you can let them do this step.
  • Add any other optional items you wish, like a radiator for the front. And sporty red racing stripes!     VROOOOOOM!! 😉

Completed Box Car - Front View
Completed Box Car-front view

Completed Box Car - rear view

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4 responses to “Fun with Cardboard Craft IV: Making your own “box-car””

  1. calledsoldiers says :

    Well praise the Lord, what a nice site to revisit right in time for VBS… perhaps I’ll find some good ideas right here to help us out.

    • iwonderbee says :

      Hi, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. It would be great if you could let me know if you use any ideas off here, or if you have new ideas to share as well. 🙂

      • calledsoldiers says :

        Well your ideas were considered, but I fear we waited too last minute to implement them this year… instead they went with some more familiar craft projects they bought… they made a doll using this wood stuff and painted wooden figures and flower pots. The older boys made a play house for the children (complete with shingled roof).

        It was all very impressive… I’m sure a more complete update will be posted on complete with pictures and video (it may take a day or so to be updated).

      • iwonderbee says :

        Hi, thanks for replying and keeping me posted. Will check out the update to see the work you guys did. 🙂

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