Archive | January 24, 2010

The red rhino

Me: Look dear, a Red Rhino!
DD: What?
DH: A Red Rhino.
DD: Where?
Me: Never mind…we drove past already…
DD: Daddy, where is the Red Rhino?
DS: Rhino!
DH: Behind our car, in the car park.
DS: Car!
DD: Daddy, where is the Red Rhino?
Me: We’re way past it. No more.
DS: No more!
DD: Daddy, where is the Red Rhino?
DH: Went to eat some green grass…
DS: Grass!
DD: Why did the red rhino eat grass?
DH: Okay. The Red Rhino is not a real rhino. It’s just the name of one of the Civil Defence vehicles.
DS: Defence!
DD: Why…
DH: Oh LOOK! (pointing at MRT track) A red train!
DS: Choo choo…train!
DD: Daddy, why is the train red?
Me: La la la la la…

What is the Red Rhino? 🙂 ~ A brainchild of SCDF Commissioner James Tan, and known affectionately as the “Red Rhino”, the Civil Defence’s Light Fire Attack Vehicle is an all-terrain vehicle with a small pump and monitor turret capable of seating 4-5 responders. It is seen around the country parked near to Fire Posts, and is designed to traverse off roads to aid in firefighting of densely built-up areas without road access which conventional Pumper-Ladders may not be able to reach.  The Red Rhino was designed and conceptualised in Singapore.

All SCDF’s fire stations, except Jurong Island Fire Station, offer open house to members of the public to learn more about the SCDF, roles and functions of its firestations and firefighters every Saturday from 9 – 11 am.  Click here to find out more.