Archive | January 23, 2010

A morning in the countryside

So yesterday evening when I was thinking about what to do this morning with the kids, I came across the website for the Kranji Countryside Association. When I suggested driving to Lim Chu Kang to the hubby, he said, “Sure!” without a moment’s hesitation.  I love him so much, and not just because he is always such a great sport to accommodate his wife’s mad ideas… 🙂

We’ve been reading Eric Carle’s “Pancakes, Pancakes”, and it has been a great book to teach DD that ingredients to make pancakes go through a process from original source to our kitchen cabinets.  Now, while we don’t have traditional millers and millstones and water wheels here in Singapore, I did know that we have dairy and vegetable farms, but never knew where they were located.  Till now! 🙂

Can you believe these two pictures were taken in Singapore?  It looks and feels like we’re driving in Australia all over again, except for the very intense heat and humidity!

Our first stop was Hay Dairies.   Hay Dairies produces and distributes locally processed fresh goat’s milk, and you can buy it fresh the day it is milked.  Visitors are able to view goat milking demonstrations from 9-11am every day and walk into the pens to view the goats.  It is not a very large compound, so it turned out to be a fairly short visit.

DD finished up about 150mls of chocolate goat’s milk in two minutes! DH and I tried it and didn’t care very much for the taste ourselves and DS wouldn’t even give it the time of day, cold or straw notwithstanding.  So with that, I mentally struck off my list the option of enlisting chocolate milk to solve our milk spoonfeeding bugbear….sigh.  😦 

But it was rather interesting to know that the milk we just drank had just been processed and bottled that very day.

Next, we made our way to Bollywood Veggies, just a short drive away.   They have a lot of banana trees on their farm.  Some look like the regular bananas we see off our supermarket shelves…

And some others look like nothing we’ve ever seen before!

It was a very educational trip, I learnt a lot myself.  Now I know what a fig tree looks like, the next time I come across it in the Bible!

We also had a quick but informative little chat with Ivy Singh-Lim, the co founder of Bollywood Veggies and the one who started the Kranji Countryside Association, and then left with some home-baked banana bread for cell group later in the afternoon.  Altogether a very interesting morning.   😀

*Admission into Hay Dairies is free for individuals and small families (less than 10 people).  Group visits with more than 10 people require prior booking and special charges.  Opening hours are 9am to 4pm daily Mondays to Sundays.  Click here for directions.*

*Admission into Bollywood Veggies is $2 per pax, children below 12 and elderly above 60 enter for free if visiting as a family.  Opening hours are 9am to 6pm daily Wednesdays to Sundays. Click here for directions.*