(hair)-raising boys

Saturday January 9
Today, I discovered the new thrill of hanging onto the edge of the ball tent and leaning backwards till I lose my balance. So this is what “free fall” means!

Cool.  😎


I figure I’m still pretty safe.   Tumbling headlong into soft plastic balls in a ball tent is technically still in an enclosed, regulated, child-safe environment.  Right? 😉

And Mommy didn’t stop me. Well…not until the point I decided standing on Jie Jie’s tummy helped me reach the basketball hoop better.  -__-


Sunday January 10
I don’t understand the fuss Daddy is making. Last night I heard Mommy and Daddy talking about encouraging discovery.

I am discovering.

Just now, I managed to walk a few paces backwards, before falling down.
Now, I can walk backwards all the way round the back of the sofa, before falling down.
If I keep trying, I’ll soon be able to walk the whole perimeter of the living room backwards!  And just maybe, I won’t fall down!

Anyway, aren’t they always telling me if I fall, just get up, dust myself off and carry on? 


Tuesday January 12
Let’s see. I’ll just climb onto this little ledge here, wave my arms back and forth, like so, to get a little momentum and we have LIFTOFF!!!  

!! * K E R S P L A T * !!

Oogh. These slate tiles in Grandpa’s driveway hurt big time. Ha, but lucky for me, God must have sent an angel to cushion the fall.  God sees everything!!  😀

Again, again! What, Daddy? *No more jumping off ledges, stick to flat ground.*

Sigh. Bo-oo-o-oring…  😦



“…one of the scariest aspects of raising boys is their tendency to risk life and limb for no good reason…His mom has to watch him every minute to keep him from killing himself.” ~ Dobson, Bringing Up Boys

Truer words were never spoken. Sigh.

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One response to “(hair)-raising boys”

  1. Ivy says :

    Haha, totally! My mom keeps saying Josh doesn’t seem to understand danger, and I keep telling her, “He’s a BOY!”

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