My daughter, the big sister.

She has had to grow up so much in the past year.
Giving in and learning to be independent while mommy attends to the younger one’s needs.
Sharing not only the toys which all used to belong to her just a year ago, but also learning to share her parents’ previously undivided attention.
Obeying the disciplinary boundaries outlined for her, despite probably perceiving baby brother appearing to get what he wants when he cries for the better part of his first year.

I am very proud of her. For someone less than two years old to display that level of selflessness and maturity.

We didn’t anticipate having children this close in age gap.
But God knows and sees and has a greater plan. And I think in His wisdom, He saw the potential for her to grow through these precious life lessons so much more than what DH and I, in our limited view could have given her, even with our fullest dedicated attention for a year or few more months of her being the only child.

In a few days time, her brother will be the age that she was when he was born. And I hope that he will follow his sister’s example in this regard.


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