Archive | January 2, 2010

The blind leading…

It is weird how we start wanting to use the specific faculties of our bodies that are injured, most of all when they are injured. Over the new year weekend, DD fell and cut her lower lip which resulted in two angry looking ulcers on her lower lip.

And I dropped my spectacles. The right lens splintered into a series of cracks, rendering me blind for a night and a morning until the optician gave me a pair of temporary disposable contacts to tide over the week while waiting for a new pair.

DD has not stopped talking nineteen to the dozen ever since. She talks and talks and talks despite us telling her to give her lips a rest and let the cut heal.
And I (ahem) have been retreating to a quiet corner every chance I get, attempting to cram a non-fiction and fiction book at the same time. After telling DH that I was going to give myself a vacation from the blog so I could let my eyes rest.

We are incorrigible.