Happy Old Year, Happy New Year

Here we are, on the cusp of a new year. And as I sit at my desk and rewind in my mind the year that has just passed, I know that I have had a very good 2009.

I had Fridays off to spend with the kids. Though it drove me up the wall and down again with fingernails screeching off the paintwork as many times as it drove my heart to bursting over with uncontainable happiness, I am glad for each of those days and the precious moments within them. 

I think – me and the kids – we had a laugh a minute. I think they’re still sane, at least more sane than their zany mother. 😉

I started a blog. The very fact of it is amazing as I am severely technophobic. I will have nothing to do with iPhones or iTouches or iPods or i-anything in the i-age. And yet here I am, faithfully recording a web log of the everyday eurekas that my itchy mind conjures.

What’s more, this blog keeps me accountable to actually putting those ideas into action instead of just dreaming about them and letting it be.
I’ve never baked so much or done so much art and craft in a single year than in 2009.

I honestly don’t know who are all the readers of this blog (I only know some of you), but I do thank all of you for providing me with encouraging stats that there are people who do think this blog is worthy of their view-time. 🙂

I went through a REAL nursing strike that never ended. I came out of it, not unscathed, but stronger. I learnt that when you’ve tried everything by the book and tossed it aside, there is always the option of trying everything by the heart. And flying by the seat of your pants, screaming your lungs out, hanging on for dear life and managing a smirk a minute with DH along for the ride.

We experienced growth in our walk with God, in our relationship as a couple, in our journey as parents, in our identity as a family. We learnt what it meant to truly trust Him and Him alone, despite circumstances and uncertainties. We prayed harder than we’d ever prayed before over all things mundane and maddening. We received His blessing and His faithfulness many times over and above our limited expectations.

And even so, there is so much more to learn in the great journey of life. And in the year ahead.

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good. His love endures forever. ~ Psalm 136:1


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