Alphabet Wall: Making…h is for horse

Over the holiday period, DH made up a story about a Jelly the Green Horse.
I don’t know if DD’s recent interest in horses sparked up a request for a story about a horse, or that the story inspired her recent interest in horses…but I did have all this torn and crumpled Christmas wrapping lying around on Boxing Day that was begging to be turned into craft resources.

So this week – we did an Alphabet Wall craft, that, hmm…I don’t quite know how to reference to the Bible…but I’ll find something for sure. 😉

You will need the following materials: leftover wrapping paper (we chose green for Jelly, but of course, you could do any other colour your child fancies), glue, marker, artblock sheet.

1. With your leftover wrapping paper, tear off small bits and crush them into small crumples. Do this together with your child – it’s no scissors, no fuss, no way to get it wrong! Set aside.
2. On your artblock sheet, draw a horse head facing the left, because you want to finish drawing the rest of the body in the shape of a small letter h. Add in the details (tail, mane, etc).

3. Apply glue over the horse’s body.

4. Glue on the little crumples.


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