Making our own tot-friendly Christmas tree

We’ve never owned a Christmas tree. Incorrigibly lazy me loves to admire the lights, baubles and ornaments on other people’s trees, but wants none of getting all entangled in wires, stringing, sorting and unpacking and storing. 😛

But ain’t we lucky that I’m at least not too lazy to capitalize on Christmas kids craft! We started this last year with DD, and from the looks of it, it’s going to become an annual family craft project from here on now.  😀

To make the tree:-
You will need: Two large green art plastic boards (um…I don’t know what they’re actually called so I’m putting a pic below for readers’ reference), pencil, ruler, scissors or box cutter.  

1. Place both green plastic boards in a portrait orientation. Using your ruler, measure out the centre of the boards at both ends.
2. With your pencil, lightly trace an outline of a Christmas tree on the first board. It doesn’t have to be symmetrically or geometrically perfect (trees are organic after all, hey? 😉 ). We made ours with rounded edges so that there are no sharp points to accidentally bump into. Cut out the shape.
3. Using the cut out tree from the first board as a template, trace the outline on the second board and cut it out as well.

4. On the first board, make a cut halfway down the centre line from the top.
5. On the second board, make a cut halfway again down the centre line but this time from the bottom.
6. Fit one onto the other. You should have an X-shaped base which should be fairly stable. Secure with cellophane tape at the top and bottom if necessary.
7. This is an optional step. You can set it on a cardboard box base if you want it slightly raised up and to make space to place the presents underneath.  We wrapped our cardboard box in wrapping paper.

To make the decorations:-
You will need: Scissors, craft foam sheets, assorted paper sheets, December magazines, wrapping paper scraps, glue, double -sided tape.

December magazine spreads usually have many Christmassy pictures and graphics. Or use leftover wrapping paper. Cut these out and stick them onto a craft foam backing.

You can even design your own ornaments!  Click here for an earlier post that shows the ornaments we made. 🙂
If your kids are old enough to be involved, this is fun stuff to occupy them and gives them some ownership over the decoration process. 🙂
As you make the ornaments, paste a small piece of double-sided tape on the back of each so it’s easy to put them up on the tree afterward.

Make it a family activity to put up the ornaments and then step back and admire your collective work of art! We wanted the focus of our Christmas craft to be the baby Jesus, so you’ll see he’s the “star” at the top of the tree. 🙂

I made 49 ornaments in total (no significance whatsoever in the number, just decided my fingers were aching from all that cutting and packed up for the night 😉 ) but now that it’s all pasted up on eight sides, it sure looks like we need more!

The kids are looking forward to sticking up more ornaments which means overtime for the elves!

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4 responses to “Making our own tot-friendly Christmas tree”

  1. twoculturemom says :

    In case anyone would like to know, the pattern for the Mary and Jesus ornament can be found here:

    • iwonderbee says :

      Hiya, thanks for this! It made a great tree-topper and the kids were very excited to see their Sunday School craft displayed. 🙂

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