F is for…

Today I decided to take a break from Alphabet Wall craft for a mini field trip.
After running a few errands, DD and I hopped onto an MRT train, just for fun.
It was her first time riding the train.
As it sped into a tunnel, she shouted out a gleeful “Whooaaa!”.
“Mummy, the train is traveling very fast! But we didn’t fall down.”
That drew a number of smiles on the faces of the people in our carriage. 🙂

We rode the train a couple of stops east and then got off to cross the platform.
We twiddled fingers and the toes on our feet while waiting for the westbound train. It took forever to arrive!!
When it finally pulled into the station, we saw that it was very crowded.
We alighted a few stops later and DD skipped and hopped all the way down to the station control.

Fortunately, we didn’t have to wait to transfer to the bus that takes us home.
After having had to stand in a fully packed train, it was happy relief to find ample seating on the bus.

I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun taking public transport.
I do think it’s all down to the company. 😀
We had such a fantastic time, for a trip decided entirely on a whim and fancy. 😛

And now that we are back, I still have to think of the craft idea for the letter f.
A fleeting thought did flit across my mind…just ever so briefly did it pass…but when I finally found time to sit down and try and frame it, it’d flown right out the door and now I’ve all but forgotten it. Oh well, I’ll figure out something…eventually.  Sometime somewhere, in the near future. 😉


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