Alphabet Wall: e is for eden

This week has been a crazily busy one. And I figure the rest of the weeks leading up to Christmas will be similarly demanding.

But I still wanted to keep up the momentum on the Alphabet Wall, especially since DD asks us brightly every weekend day, “Mummy, what are we going to learn today?” I mean, hey, tell me you can just pass that enthusiasm off from a child, without feeling like you have GOT to do something!!

Times like these, I fall back on ready-made materials, and so you’ll notice that I haven’t used the word “Making” in the title for this week’s Alphabet Wall post. 😛

DH had bought a couple of sticker activity books which I thought would be useful for teaching e is for “eden”.

First, I used our Genesis storyboard. Click here to see the full Creation account represented on storyboard.

Then I talked about the Garden of Eden and the special tree that God had created. And the story about Eve and Adam eating the forbidden fruit.

Since our d is for david art, we’ve been keen on the idea of incorporating the exercise of identifying all the instances that the letter of the week appears in a chosen text because it’s been very useful in reinforcing the letter and DD finds great fun in identifying it off book pages, road signs, jam jars, etc etc.  So we did that. We also traced out the shape and did some colouring work on the letter e.

Then I took out the sticker book with the pages turned to the Creation account and the Garden of Eden and let DD have free rein with the stickers and the page.

It was very relaxed and we both had a great time.  😀


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