English pronunciation debates and other such serious matters for discussion

Overheard at the dinner table yesterday…

DS: [pointing to a picture on his bib] “Oc – to – pus”
Me: “Very good! You’re right, that is an octopus.”
DD: Not “Oc – TO – pus”. “OC – to – pus”.
DS: “Oc – TO – pus”
DD: No. Not “Oc –TO – pus”. Say “OC – to – pus”. “OC – to – pus”.

*repeat three times*

I’m not going to reproduce here the debate that followed afterward about the other sea creatures…but if you want to hear more, you’re welcome to join us for Christmas dinner. 😉  We’ll have good food, good wine and very engaging mealtime conversation.
You could be surprised,
but I promise you…you will not be bored.


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