Ten ways how life changes when kids come into the picture

1. You’re up bright and early every morning. And like it.

2. You can recite Hippos Go Berserk and Gruffalo’s Child by heart.

3. “If you’re happy and you know it” is set on repeat sequence on the electronic keyboard.

4. You analyse nutrition content labels on food items with the fervour of a health safety officer.

5. You rush home from work like a sprinter out of the starting blocks and wish the train ride was shortened by half.

6. Innovation is the start to new discoveries.

7. Bedtime is sacred. For the kids and for you both.

8. …You have to come back to no.8 later…your son’s just done a major poo and your daughter wants to read The Jungle Book.

9. You begin to appreciate the extent of agony you gave to your parents, and God. And you also appreciate the full meaning of grace.

10. You find limitless space in your heart to love and love, and love some more. 🙂


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