Alphabet Wall: Making…c is for coat

This week we’re on to the letter c, and making an ice-cream stick figure with a multi colour coat (guess who!).

You will need the following materials: Paper, old magazines, scissors, pen, glue, wooden ice cream stick.

1. With the pen, draw the outline of a coat on the paper. Next, using the shoulders of the coat, draw a mirror image.

2. Draw a boy’s face. Cut both the coat and the face out and set aside.

3. Cut strips of different coloured paper from your old magazines.

4. Apply glue onto the coat. Stick the strips of coloured paper onto the coat.

You can take the opportunity to make this into an exercise in patterns for older children, ages 3 and above,
For those aged 2-3, what could make for a good stretch assignment to exercise their concentration skills is to paste each strip straight one following the other all the way through to the end.
Any younger, I would just keep it plain fun and let them stick it anyhow they want to!

5. Cut a hole for the neck and trim away the excess strips of paper.

6. Push the ice cream stick through the neck hole.

7. Apply glue and fold down the coat at the shoulders onto the ice cream stick. Also paste on the face.

Bible story time: If you guessed Joseph, you’re right! 🙂



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