Burning the candle at both ends

I fell sick on Monday morning with really bad gastric pains.
The doctor surmised that it was because of what I ate over the weekend.
We ate out a lot since my parents were in town and she suspected that chilli may have been the trigger.

DH’s mum, who is a nurse by training, hypothesized that it was because I didn’t eat.
I stayed up till 2am on Sunday (or rather early Monday morning) to finish up a presentation for a meeting on Monday.
For two weeks now I’ve had very little sleep because I’ve been flying home as fast as the MRT can take me, trying to accomplish what I usually do over two hours in double quick time, make it for the kids bedtimes and then working late after they’ve gone to bed.
And when I’m stressed I don’t eat very well.
To top it all off, DS’s frequent wakings over the week from his teething woes have had us sprinting into the kids’ room multiple times to soothe him back to sleep before he awakens his sister.

It could have been a mix of both I guess. Maybe this post should be renamed “Burning the dynamite stick at both ends”.

Poor eating habits for two weeks + rich food over two days + more late nights = sizzle sizzle fzzzzzz KABOOM!!!!

Both mum-in law and the doctor said the same thing. “Take it easy”.  “Must strike a balance, you know?”
Sigh. It strikes me at that moment that I don’t know what to make of the phrase “take it easy”.  I stuffed the 2-day medical certificate that the doctor wrote me into my handbag, and it’s still there, a dog-eared piece of paper folded into what looks like failed origami, while I made my way back to office and continued to beaver away at the urgent.

How does one strike a balance when I’m burning myself at both the wick and the base?


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