Alphabet Wall: Making…b is for boat

It’s been raining cats and dogs all week, which provides a rather apt lead-in to our alphabet wall lesson. Today, we’re going to be making b is for boat…and talking about the most famous big boat in the Bible! 🙂

You will need the following materials: Some artblock sheets, colour pencils, scissors, glue, marker.

b is for boat - materials

1. In preparation, take one sheet of paper and fold it into a paper boat. Set aside.
2. Using a portrait orientation, draw waves. If your child can do this, hand them another colour pencil and get them to complete the waves in the picture.
3. Also ask your child to colour the boat which you folded beforehand.

b is for boat - drawing

4. When all the colouring is done, apply some glue on to the boat, and stick it on the water.
5. Draw a b on the side, and colour it in.
6. (This is an additional optional step.) I saved these fish from DS’s birthday party food labels. After we finished colouring, we pasted the fish on to the waves. DD had quite a laugh repeating the names of the fish after me as we stuck it on.

Ah, it was hilarious!  It’s still hilarious looking at the picture now with fish named “Prawn Fritters” and “Vegetarian Beehoon”! 😀

b is for boat

7. Next comes the fun part. DD went and got some of her toy animals and attempted to load up the boat with them. I didn’t think of it at the time but given that we hadn’t yet mentioned anything about the ark at that point, it was interesting how DD made the connections naturally.

b is for boat - fill the boat

Well, obviously it wasn’t possible to accommodate the entire group, and I took the opportunity to talk about how God asked Noah to build a specially big boat, so that ALL the animals could fit in.

8. We read the story of the ark and the flood from the Toddler’s Bible.

b is for boat - story of the ark

9. And here’s the Noah’s Ark I was referring to a couple of posts earlier! 🙂 (Sorry I don’t have the tutorial on how to make it…DH made this over the past couple of weeks when the kids and me had gone to bed and I don’t quite have the brain cells to try and deconstruct the steps at the moment).

b is for boat - Noah's Ark

Each of the animal pairs have a velcro piece on the back, and a corresponding sized velcro piece stuck on the ark.

b is for boat - Noah's Ark opened

DH had designed this to be a name and picture matching game so the name labels can be switched around so that each time the child doesn’t just memorise the placement but has to identify and match the name against the animal. It’s a work in progress as we are planning to get more animals into the ark. 🙂 

b is for boat - Noah's Ark match the animals

Altogether, I think we had a brilliant time on this alphabet lesson. 🙂

b is for boat2


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