All I want for Christmas…


Oh my!! We have been having a couple of really awful nights in a row.

To say that cutting teeth is a painful process for DS, is an understatement. Dentinox and other gum relief gels work only for about a minute after which there’s no effect. He doesn’t drool saliva or display any of the typical visible signs of teething listed in baby care books. But he wakes up in the early am and cries and cries in agony till he is exhausted. And it doesn’t seem we can do anything much except apply the gel, carry him and walk around the room, sing songs, and PRAY for God to relief or remove his discomfort!!

I know that every child grows their teeth at different rates. And now I know how one of our friends felt when at a year old, his son still didn’t have any teeth.

DS has three – one on the top jaw, two on the bottom. That’s very little compared to most of his age-group peers. While people think he looks very cute that way, the prospect of late night pacing up and down the parquet trying to find a carrying position that will soothe him back to sleep is absolutely uncute for us.

So. tired.
All we want for this month is his other front tooth!! Please let it be earlier than Christmas.

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2 responses to “All I want for Christmas…”

  1. twoculturemom says :

    Don’t you know males have very low tolerance for pain? 🙂

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