Singapore Science Centre

We visited the Singapore Science Centre in Jurong East last weekend.  I think it’s a really cool place.  I wish I had all this when I was growing up. I hope Singaporean kids know how lucky they are to have so many resources and information centres so easily accessible to them!

The centre is divided into several sections. Click here to follow the map for the sections we visited! 😉


Visit the Mind’s Eye to view a whole host of really interesting optical illusion exhibits.  Above is a display where you can see Jules Verne’s face reflected in the mirror. See if you can spot where his facial features are in the landscape picture! 😀


We took in a 40 minute Imax Under the Sea movie at the Omni-Theatre.  That’s the projector in the theatre.

It was quite an experience to be in a cinema where you feel as if you’re moving with the screen.  The Imax tagline says it’s the world’s most immersive experience.  That, it most certainly was, for DS – he clung on to me for dear life and buried his face in my shoulder after the first 5 minutes. Only when the tamer smaller fish came on would he sneak tentative peeks at the screen…

Putting myself in the shoes of a 15 month old, I’d imagine it can get scary especially if you see something this prickly swim up really large and close!

SSC-Omni theatre

So, just something to keep in mind if you have small children…they may get overwhelmed and not be able to really appreciate the Omni-Theatre experience. 

Maybe DS will think it’s cool a few years down the road.  Thankfully he was okay when we visited the Marine Alcove. Lesson learnt: Fishes safely behind the glass of an aquarium – manageable, big ones looming up in his face…NOT! Lucky we didn’t choose to go see the one on Bears. That would have been really asking for it…


This is the walkway at the i-Space section on Level 2. Cool!  😎


They had an interactive koi pond display. Touch and see the waters ripple and fish swim away!  DS spent a considerable amount of time on this…like, when else would one be able to “climb onto a pond” and “crawl on water” to play with fish?! 😉


The highlight of our visit had to be the Tesla Coil Demonstration at the Atrium. Where dear darling hubby told me a grand tall tale about how the demonstration would involve placing an object on one table, activating the coil and hey presto, it would disappear and reappear on the other table!  And I believed him!! GRRR!  Ultimate bimbo moment…

Alright…that’s enough. Here, wipe the tears rolling down your cheeks and get back on your chair to finish reading this blog post!

The centre also has a PUB Waterworks waterplay area where children can learn about various water phenomena as they play.  Now that I know this, I’ll be sure to pack in the kids’ swimsuits on our next visit. 🙂

SSC-Waterplay area

Admission to the Science Centre is only $6 for adults and $3 for children between the ages of 3-16. Senior citizens pay $3.60.  That’s honestly a really great price for so much to see and do.


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