Alphabet Wall: Making…a is for “apple” and “Adam”

Remember I mentioned that our next series of alphabet wall craft would be the small letters and themed around the Bible?
Well, I didn’t quite know how to write the tutorial on this one because this was really executed on the fly. DD wanted to do some art and craft and I didn’t really have anything planned. But here goes anyway.

I’ve been doing some preliminary research for materials on phonics to gear up for next year, and Angie Maniam from The Home Library had recommended I check out materials from Letterland. So I wanted to incorporate the materials in our next series to give her some early exposure to phonics.

This is all experimental on my part (I don’t remember learning to read through phonics…I just remember my dad buying lots and lots of books for me and somehow along the way I just managed to make English my first language). So I hope you will join me on my journey in this day and age of discovering what works in teaching our little one how to read. 🙂

I gathered the following materials: Colour pencils, artblock sheet, marker, glue, colour papers. (you can see the first page of the Letterland workbook under the materials).

a is for apple-materials

1. With the marker, I drew out the letter “a”. I made a reference to Annie Apple of Letterland on one of the workbooks. We talked a little about the Ant, the Arrow and the Apple on the page and about how the letter A sounds the same in each of these words.

2. I handed the colour pencils to her and let her colour the “a”. We also cut out a leaf from one of the Sunday School resource books that my mum had brought to Singapore some time ago (and a grasshopper because she liked it 😉  ) and completed the craft.

a is for apple

3. Next we talked about how the apple reminded us of the story of Adam and Eve and another kind of fruit. DD found the page in her Toddler’s Bible about Adam and Eve and we read the story about the Garden of Eden.

a is for apple-biblestory

Phew! Not bad for something concocted on the spur of the moment. Now that I’m on this trajectory, I figure I better really have a better plan as to how I’m going to cover the Bible in abc over the next twenty-five sessions  🙂


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