Australia Travel Log Day 9: Perth

On our way back to Perth City from Bunbury, and at the turn off around Mandurah, we chanced upon the Kwinana Freeway by accident. It wasn’t on any of the maps we had so we just made a decision not to take the coastal route again (Highway 1) since the signs for Highway 2 indicated Perth  and I’d read somewhere that the inland route was faster.

It turned out to be a great drive because the road was so smooth and we reached Perth city fairly quickly. 

Finding our way to King’s Park, we sat down on a grassy verge overlooking the sea and the freeway and let the kids stretch their legs while we sat down and munched on roast chicken sandwiches.

DS discovered that rolling about in the grass was great fun.  The differences between boys and girls are becoming more and more apparent to me day by day. DD would never have done anything of the sort. Or pick up pebbles from the road and roll them about in the mouth, like he did at Walpole!! 

It was a pity we had to leave so soon to return the car. I would have liked to explore King’s Park a lot more. 😦
Isn’t the view amazing? 🙂

King's Park 2

King's Park


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