Australia Travel Log Day 8: Bunbury

The weather at Bunbury was glorious!  For once the kids didn’t have to wear three layers of clothing. In fact the weather was so sunny, it was great for laundry! Good grief…We’re really establishing a reputation for ourselves in mundanity…

But we’d accumulated such a huge pile of laundry over the past few days that DH and I decided to roll up our sleeves and buckle down to some serious handwashing. So that we could save $3 on the washing machine and get value for money by tossing in a mega-ton load into the dryer for $2.
That was a morning of hard work!

Outside the laundry rooms there is a jumping pillow, which is like a huge trampoline of sorts. All four of us had tons of fun jumping on it after hanging out the laundry, and DH’s mum even found a $2 coin in the sand. Hooray! Free dryer expense! 😉

The dolphins didn’t show up at Koombana Beach, both days that we were there, which was a bit of a disappointment for DD, and for me too. 😦 Admission fee for the Dolphin Discovery Centre gives you access for a month, but of course we weren’t going to be there that long. They did say there was no guarantee that the dolphins would turn up since these were wild dolphins.

DH and I chatted to one of the volunteers there who explained that typically around this time of year there is a warm current, but this year they haven’t experienced that, which could be a plausible explanation for the dolphins not appearing very much this month, and no turtles getting washed up ashore as well. The water temperature was averaging around 12-14 degrees Celsius which is still pretty cold.

There are other exhibits and interesting information displays at the Centre to read up on though, so it was not an altogether futile outing.  The centre also takes care of baby turtles washed up on Koombana Beach, there is a feeding session at 10am daily.

Dolphin Discovery Centre

Baby Dolphin

Other sites we took in at Bunbury…

Timber Jetty

Timber Jetty

Mangrove Walk and Leschenault Inlet

Mangrove Walk and Leschenault Inlet


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