Australia Travel Log Day 7: Walpole – Bunbury

We pulled in very thankfully into the little driveway in front of our cabin in Discovery Holiday Park Koombana Bay after another long day on the road.

Discovery Holiday Park Bunbury

Along the way we made a lunch stop at Bridgetown and found this delightful little café and bric-a-brac store called Horti Towers. (When we asked, the owner confirmed it is a word play on the tv show Fawlty Towers). But he also told us that they are trying to cultivate the plants to grow around the house to form a tower, hence the use of the term “Horti (cultural)”.

Horti Towers

Something something soup and panini sandwich

Something something soup and panini sandwich

Quiche and Lasagna

Quiche and Lasagna

We're so tea crazy...

We're so tea crazy...

We were booked in at Bunbury for two days, and I’d planned this part of the journey as a nice long rest stop for everyone to just chill and stretch out their legs.


And guess what we did…we went grocery shopping!! How hilariously mundane is that! But then grocery shopping in Australia is so much more fun than in Singapore – the produce is so fresh, and there are so many different varieties of meats that grocery shopping is actually FUN!

I like their parent friendly trolleys – very thoughtful. 🙂

Mommy friendly shopping carts

In Singapore, when DS was younger, I either had to sling him or put him in our stroller whilst DD sat in the trolley and push both stroller and trolley side by side, which was a major navigational challenge!


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