Australia Travel Log Day 6: Walpole – Nornalup

We hit the road at 9am for the long long drive south to Walpole by Brockman Highway. Originally we had wanted to do the Valley of the Giants Treetops Walk and then drive to Albany but on second thought it would have been just too far after so many action-packed days at Margaret River!

At its highest point, the treetops walk is 40 metres above the ground.

At its highest point, the treetops walk is 40 metres above the ground.

The walk is stroller friendly!

The walk is stroller friendly!

DD and me on the walkway

DD and me on the walkway

On completing the treetops walk, there is a path that allows one to carry on over to the Ancient of Empires walk which takes you through the tingle tree forest and lets you go in and under some of the really huge tingle trees.

On a friend’s recommendation, we did make time to stop for Devonshire tea at Nornalup Teahouse though before checking in to our accommodation for the night. The tea was yummy but the ambience wasn’t quite there…mostly because rock music was playing in the background which I thought was just incongruent with scones and cream and Earl Grey tea. Hmm…

Nornalup Teahouse

Nornalup Teahouse2

It was 5+ by the time we drove in to Restpoint Holiday Village. A little road weary, we were pleased to find that our unit was pretty huge. DD and DS had their own room, and we and each of our mothers had their own room. 🙂

A funny thing happened…as I was happily exploring the unit, I opened a door from my mum’s bedroom which turned out onto the living room of another unit! Both me and the lady on the other side exclaimed in shock.

Later on, I found on that the whole block is interconnected. Through a door which looked out of place right beside DD’s bed which was up against a wall, I could hear footsteps and people speaking and that turned out to be the entrance point to another unit on the other side. So doors have locks on one side and additional latches on both sides to enable the proprietors to configure the individual units according to guests’ booking requirements. An interesting design, but what a way to find out! 😉

Restpoint Holiday Village

Restpoint Holiday Village

View from our unit

View from our unit

Pelicans and seagulls appeared on the beach of the inlet in the morning and DD and DS were very excited. A pelican is really intimidating when it opens its mouth though, especially when walking right up to DS! I picked up our innocent little guy who was holding his hand out to the pelican, in a great hurry!!

Pelicans at Walpole


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