Travel Scrapbook: Day 4

Animals on the farm

Animals on the farm

Lighthouses - What do they do?  and Caves - Stalactites and Stalagmites

What is a Lighthouse; Caves - Stalactites and Stalagmites

I think what we found with the scrapbook activity pages was the opportunity either way to turn simple pasting and colouring activities into fun wind-down exercises or potential stretch assignments for our kids.

For example,  “Animals on the farm” was an easy one for DD to work on fairly independently as a just-for-fun pasting activity but presented a bigger challenge for DS as an exercise in identifying various farm animals. 

In contrast – whereas it would have just been very simply a colouring and pasting exercise for DS because we wouldn’t expect him to be thinking about functions of lighthouses, and stalactites and stalagmites, we certainly took the opportunity to explain these to DD when working on the lighthouse and cave pages.  It’ll  probably be interesting to revisit these with DD later on – I have been amazed many a time with how much she remembers and absorbs from what she sees. 🙂


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