Australia Travel Log Day 4: Margaret River – Augusta

At Sunflowers Farm, children below 6 years of age get free pony rides at 8:30am in the morning, and they also get a food bucket with stale bread, carrots, greens and grains to feed the animals in the morning and afternoon. There is also bottle feeding of the lambs at 10am daily.

A very friendly parakeet who hopped right in front of my phone camera while feeding the ducks

A very friendly parakeet who hopped right in front of my phone camera while we were feeding the ducks

I say, what a clever business model by Farmer Jones. People paying him money to do the tasks that would have been regular farm work that he’d have had to do anyway.

But with all that, it was great from a parent’s point of view anyway. DD ate everything I placed in front of her in double quick time instead of her usual dawdling. Mostly so she could be in time for the pony rides, because it starts sharp at 8:30am and Farmer Jones keeps the saddle pretty quickly, like at 8:45am if there aren’t that many little kids queuing for the ride.

After bottle feeding the lambs, we drove down to Cape Leeuwin to see the Lighthouse and had a very nice lunch in the café before going out for a stroll on the lighthouse grounds (children below 4 are not allowed up the lighthouse).

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

We spent some time at the lookout watching the white tips marking the meeting of the Indian Ocean and Southern Ocean. I like sitting and watching the powerful ocean waves crashing. I did that at Greymouth and Cape Reinga in New Zealand.  It’s therapeutic.

It also reminds me of the lyrics from the song “Shout to the Lord”. “Mountains bow down and the seas will roar at the sound of Your name”. And I think about how my heart quickens to the majesty and authority of our Lord God when I watch the seas roar.  It is amazing.  And very humbling.


On the way back up to Sunflowers Farm, we stopped by Mammoth Cave. The cave has a self-guiding tour, and each visitor gets a headset and player to key in the three digit code that is indicated on the signage at each stop point on the constructed walkway to listen to the recorded commentary. Like what we have in the National Library. 🙂

Mammoth Caves

This turned out to be quite an enjoyable walk for me, because DS stayed quietly in the sling clutching tightly onto my arm as I climbed up the stairs and walkways, as opposed to his usual attempting to get down and walk everywhere.

We managed to get back to Sunflowers Farm in time for the 4pm tractor ride. On designated days, Farmer Jones brings the overnight guests out on the farm in a specially built tractor.

Tractor ride

We sailed toy boats in the creek…

Sunflowers Farm-sailboats

and picked branches out of trees to stick marshmallows on and roast over an open fire.

Sunflowers Farm-marshmallows2

Did you do a double take back there? If not, reread the line please.
Yes. Can you imagine that?! Super clean freak me? The one who OCDs over the washing and sterilizing of milk bottles? Allowing my two-and-a-half year old to eat a toasted marshmallow off a twig plucked off a wild tree branch overhanging the creek??

Eek!! I don’t know what got into my head – maybe I was already made blasé by the animal droppings at Marapana, the time warp in general and all?  😉   I mean, in Singapore, I would have probably scrubbed out some really clean satay sticks before sticking marshmallows on them. Probably scalded the sticks just to be sure.  For that matter…I have never eaten roasted marshmallows off a stick.

Honestly, in just these two days the kids have likely accumulated and/or ingested more dirt collectively than over the cumulative total 3.75 years of their life. City mouse mummy is naturally horrified. But as TwoCultureMom quipped, “They’re still alive, aren’t they?”

After a good wash up, we headed out to the Leeuwin Estate Winery for dinner.
Ha, nothing like a good steak with great wine to break a three and a half year alcohol fast!

Leeuwin 2004 Cabernet Merlot

Leeuwin wine flight


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