Australia Travel Log Day 3: Mandurah – Margaret River

We check out and bid goodbye to Fremantle. It’s back on the road on a very fine morning to Marapana Wildlife Park!

I’m still trying to decide if it was a good idea to include this on the itinerary. Marapana made for a good halfway stretch stop traveling south. That being said, for $16 admission per adult, we got to hand feed the same animals with better food for better value on Sunflowers Animal Farm in Margaret River.
And in conversation with a couple staying in the neighbouring unit at Sunflowers Farm, we were told that Caversham Wildlife Park would have been a better option.  They have camel rides!  😦 I now have a bad case of post-purchase depression.  

Wait, I just checked the prices for Caversham…it would have cost us $6 more for each adult. Okay, my post-purchase depression is lessened now.  Somewhat. Hah.

Anyway. In Marapana, the animals roamed free so you could really REALLY get up close nose-to-nose with them,

Cute kangaroo outside and scary ostrich...safely behind the fence!

Cute kangaroo outside and scary ostrich...safely behind the fence!

Koala - love the feel of its fur!

Koala - love the feel of its fur!

and with the animal droppings too, yyeeeearrrghh!

Animal faeces!!

After a while we gave up trying to avoid the droppings and just settled for stepping on dry ones instead of fresh ones. Seriously.

Although it was already close to 5pm when we checked in to Sunflowers Animal Farm, the lady who handled our check-in said DD could still get a bucket of feed with some grains, carrots, stale bread and lettuce, from the cupboard and go round the farm. More animal feeding! And an opportunity to let the kids see real farm animals, as opposed to just seeing them off their “ABC on the Farm” book. 🙂

Here’s where we stayed for the next three nights.

Sunflowers Farm

Our unit looks out onto the playground where DD spent a considerable amount of time refining her gross motor skills.  🙂   I’m so proud of her, she climbs like a real pro now!

The city mice were given a briefing and guidebook on how to build our own log fire. It died out on us the first night, we didn’t bother the second night (and paid the price for it! DS woke up 5-6 times…  😦  ), and finally(!!) got it right on the third night.


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