Australia Travel Log Day 2: Sorrento

I sprang out of bed with a jolt thinking it must have been already 8:30am with the sun so bright, but a quick glance at my mobile phone told me it was only 5:45am. Relief! But after tossing about a bit, I decided to just get up anyway for some  me-time and go see what Fremantle looks like outside at 6:15am. Cool. Quiet. Tranquil.  Mmm… it’s nice to be up this early just for fun and not because I am rushing to an early office morning meeting.  🙂

At 8am, DH and I ducked out to Coles to get some groceries since we didn’t get a chance to do so the day before. After we got back, DH packed sandwiches for the adults while our mums prepared the kids meal. I brought DS and DD out to the garden of our cottage to play.

Garden in our Freo cottage

They chased each other, stopping occasionally to point out birds, aeroplanes, trucks and flowers. I remember thinking to myself, sigh, if only life could be like this everyday.

Time slows down.
It’s just us and the kids, wide open spaces and a whole sunny day ahead.
I have no mobile phone coverage!
Life is simple. Uncomplicated.
Why can’t we live like this in Singapore? 😦

At about 10:30am, we drove over to Hillary’s Boat Harbour to visit AQWA.


These are the guys who helped design and build Underwater World at Sentosa. Once you step in, you really can’t help but notice the similarity in the construction and layout.

DS was so excited. And that was only at the entrance. Ah, I had to blink back tears. Watching him so enthralled with all the varities of fish and sea creatures made the entrance fee already all worth it even if we didn’t go any further.

Underwater tunnel

We really took our time at AQWA and Hillary’s – there was so much to see and the kids went two rounds on the underwater tunnel!
After we left AQWA, DH and I took a walk along the harbour.

Hillary's Boat Harbour

Hillary's Boat Harbour 2

DD chased some seagulls, played with some older children from Kalgoorlie who were picnicking with their family, and insisted on climbing a tree together with them too!

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