Eating sand

We were out in the playground after dinner. It was the first time I let DS hang around the sandpit with DD and DH, instead of being safely in his stroller like any good Asian kid who mustn’t get dirty. 😉

It must have been only a matter of seconds. When all of us were occupied with our own thoughts or tasks. The little guy must have quietly picked up some sand from his sister’s pail (yes, just like that in the photo…you see, I caught him in the act again!)

Eating sand!

Both DH and I happened to turn at the same time to see him put it in his mouth!!
I was like, “WHAT???!!!!” We grabbed him and proceed to try and clean out his mouth but we didn’t find anything.
Hopefully that meant nothing went in, rather than…horrors…it was already swallowed!


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2 responses to “Eating sand”

  1. Leonny says :

    hahah … kids and the stuff they do.

    I remember when Vai came to me (while I was chatting away with friends at Vivo’s playground on level 2), opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue to show me small little pebbles! It’s from those gravels on the playground (those torn-out ‘carpets’). aiyohh … wiped the tongue out as much as we can .. but my guess is some were swallowed already 🙂

    oh well .. he’s all okay anyway … 🙂

    (and let’s not talk about the day he swallowed parts of a balloon! twice! 🙂

  2. iwonderbee says :

    Hi Leonny,

    And in our last week and a half in Australia, I’m so sure our kids must have accumulated or ingested more dirt than they have collectively over the cumulative total 3.75 years of their life! Let me just say, it’s not just sand…boo hoo…the Asian in me is so horrified… 😉
    Anyway, yes thank God they’re okay and He’s watching over them and their guts. 🙂

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