The value of doing nothing

One thing about writing a blog is that you almost feel a pressure to be doing something, going somewhere all the time so you have something to write about.
But I honestly feel that the simplicity of having nothing on the to-do list and nowhere in particular to go, is underrated.

Our weekends are almost always packed with some activity. And for parents with children, enjoyable as the activities and events are, the honest truth is every event-packed day presents a challenge and a toll on the physical and mental. For ourselves, every Saturday we have dinner with the extended family. Every other Saturday there is cell group in the afternoons. Leaving the other other Saturdays for our own errands or family outings. Every Sunday is church.

Don’t get me wrong – these social engagements are needful and beneficial to the family. We enjoy them thoroughly. But. Any sane parent knows not to try and pack more than two engagements into each day, so that there is breathing space and sufficient downtime to minimise toddler meltdowns from too much noise and activity.

So I do celebrate the days when DH turns to me and asks “Did we have anything planned for tomorrow?” And I go “No, nothing. We can do anything we like.”

These are the days…
We can just run up and down with the kids in the living room or play in the park outside without having to keep a hawk’s eye on the time.
The kids can nap at their usual timings instead of short bursts in the car, and we’ll have two well-rested toddlers in good moods with hearty appetites.
We can take our time over meals, not having to work to a schedule.
DH can work on his special craft projects with the kids, which usually take an extended period of time to complete. Like London Bridge.
I can take out my recipe book and start rifling through the kitchen cabinets to see if I have the ingredients to whip something special up.

It’s all good. 🙂


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One response to “The value of doing nothing”

  1. Sajib says :

    Good post 🙂

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